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Concerns when selling your rent roll

June 2018

What are sellers concerns when selling their rent roll? We speak with a prominent Adelaide real estate agent about the concerns she had when selling her rent roll, hoping that you may be able to identify and work towards preparing yourself for when your time comes.

Confidentiality - How do I keep going to market, confidential?

We kept the business information confidential to buyers by marketing under a reference number so only the agents involved in the final negotiations actually knew the identity of the seller.

Expectations - Would my expectations be met by my broker?

We can only allow you to judge this from our many testimonials from previous sellers and buyers who we have dealt with over the years, and we are more than happy to provide those to you. 

Property Losses - How many properties would be lost during the transaction?

This is a big concern and it can be quite devastating if the seller and buyer do not handle the transaction properly, we have a proven system that we take you through, to endeavor that we minimize any property losses along the way.

Existing Staff - Provide a future for our existing staff.

We believe that your staff are as important to the rent roll as the properties being offered for sale, and we will work with the buyer and seller to ensure that where possible and practical, the staff go with the rent roll.

Feel free to give Chris Goodway a call on 0403 090 522, knowing everything is in strict confidence, or you can email him at a chris@therentrollbroker.com.au


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