Biggest Disasters, Mistakes and Pitfalls - Melbourne

Disasters, Mistakes and Pitfalls 

When buying, selling and maximising rent rolls

Friday the 1st September 2017 in Melbourne

When it comes to buying and selling rent rolls or maximising the value and income of your rent roll, you need to know how to avoid the pitfalls that could result in a nasty surprise later on - when it’s too late.

Chris Goodway (The Rent Roll Broker) and Darren Hunter (Leading Fee Maximisation expert) team up again with a brand new seminar to teach you how to get the very best from your biggest business asset - your rent roll.

Chris will reveal and unpack the top ten mistakes he’s seen when buying and selling rent rolls, plus five in-depth ‘autopsies’ where real estate business owners unknowingly made fundamental errors in their business plan, resulting in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars when it came time to sell.

Darren will reveal the top mistakes businesses make when adding, increasing and charging fees, and key pitfalls that must be avoided when maximising your fee income, plus much more.

In this 3-hour, fast paced session you’ll learn:

• How having a cheap management fee and discount strategy to grow the business quickly cost one business owner $500,000.00 at sale time.

• How a lack of extra ancillary income can affect the value of your business, and how much you should have over and above your management fees.

• Why lacking the right paperwork in your files can result in a discounted sale price.

• How two business owners landed in court with massive legal bills after one purchased a rent roll directly from the other and what to learn from their mistakes.

• Why you must have the right property to staff ratio and how over-staffing can cost you dearly when it comes to your sale price.

• How miscalculating your ‘all-inclusive’ management fee can cause real issues at sale time.

• The pros and cons of organic growth versus purchasing rent rolls, and what is a responsible level of borrowing?

• Real examples of how not getting involved regularly in your rent roll can cost you dearly at sale time.

• The top ten mistakes when charging fees and one that 90% of agencies are doing all the time that’s just plain illegal!

• The five client types that you should NOT increase or add extra fees with - at the risk of doing damage to your business.

• Know the top seven myths and excuses used all the time to NOT increase fees that are leaving a TON of money on the table.

• How much actual business loss is to be expected when adding and increasing fees and for what reasons.

• The top twenty fees charged in Australia and what agencies are getting for them.


Extra Value worth $199 - all attendees will receive the recording of our previous live event with Darren Hunter and Chris Goodway in an MP3 download ‘Maximise Your Rent Roll’ including the ten factors that influence the value of your rent roll multiplier, worth $199.


No CPD - Regretfully, no CPD points are offered for this session but the value of the material that you will receive has the potential to create improvements in your department that you previously thought unattainable!


Limited Seating - Only 50 seats are allocated for this event. Please note that your seat will be secured only once payment has been received. Payment must be made within 24 hours of registration. 


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Who should attend: Principals, Department Managers and Senior Property Managers.
Ticket cost: $199 per ticket or $179 per person when three or more book from the same office.
Where: TBA


Session Times: TBA

Please bring a note pad and pen with you.

Powerpoint presentation/s will be emailed to you after the event.


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Chris Goodway Profile Photo

Chris Goodway

Starting his career in real estate in 1973, Chris owned his own real estate agency and rent roll for 30 years. With his business ‘The Rent Roll Broker’established in 2008, Chris is one of only a few full-time rent roll broker working across Australia, assisting real estate business owners with the sale of their rent rolls and business. Chris is also a qualified trainer and has trained with REISA. He was also chairman for 3 years on the REISA Property Management Committee.

Darren Hunter Profile Photo

Darren Hunter

Darren Hunter, from is a National Property Management trainer, speaker and consultant specialising in fee income maximisation and has successfully assisted real estate businesses to add and increase fees across Australia, New Zealand and also in the United States.

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